Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where to start

I have had a really busy last two days so I am going to do this in two entries just to keep some sort of order.
First thing Friday morning I ended up going to my wonderful (kind of local) Patchwork store 'A Sticth in Time' to meet up with Kathryn and her mum, I was in such rapture being surrounded by all those beautiful colours I forgot to take any photos, Bad blogger, but I promise to put up pictures of all the things I didn't go to buy but did, tomorrow as I left them in the studio as I rushed back there fed the hamsters and started the journey up to the British Museum to join up with pther london knitters to welcome those who have travelled down for the knitting and crochet Guild AGM.
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Now my plan was to arrive a little early and have a quick wander around just because I haven't been there in years. Of course none of this goes to plan, the internet journey planner wasn't working properly so I read all the warnings and decided to got to Hammersmith to start the journey and thought I would ask the information desk there for help. As I know my feet were bad I didn't want to walk to far so I had found out that the number seven bus could be caught from Tottenham court rd to outside the museum now because of all the bombongs I knew that they may be diverted so I asked, the answer oh yes all buses are running so I asked for further advice and he said 'I'm sorry luv unless it runs out of this station I can't help you'! Now don't get me wrong I think that London Transport have done a fantastic job to get up and running so fast but was a little fustrating when getting to TOttenham court road find the number seven is now terminating here, and as I slowly crisp not a cab in sight, eventually end up on Gower street (don't ask) and I get a lovely cab.
The court garden restuarant is at the top of the Norman Foster Tower and is wonderfully cool and the light is fantastic. Me and Little Lixie were the second to arrive and found the joys of handmade pink lemonade to much to pass up. Lovely and refreshing. We were soon joined by many others and I am not even going to attempt to name everyone, I'm sure if you look at the photos you will recognise the odd face.
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Having looked at the photos properly I seemed to have missed a table sorry Dawn and Jill they were there honest.
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Including this one.
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The journey home was far better, a lot less stressful especially with a detour via borders to see what magazines they had in and then another small detour for a comforting ben and Jerries icecream for the journey home.

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