Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hide those Credit Cards

Ok so after such a long day yesterday I decided to take it easy, I had considered going to the Knit Flicks but just couldn't face the journey but did decide to go to the opening of Loop.
I have to say the two buses and four trains (the journey planner again was faulty) were so worth getting there for, it is wonderful. Its half way along cross street set back a little with a lovely deck outside, very convinient to sit an knit on.

Beautiful store front Posted by Picasa

The whole store is beautiful with a wonderful selection of yarn (more of which later) they are balanced with a wonderful collection of handmade goodies that all inspire you to want to pick up your needles and try something new. Plenty of space to see everything and wonderful people there to help you. Also the kind of people who aren't to pushy and aren't phased if you seem to have the strangest mix of yarn in your arms. They also seem to have plenty of stock which is always a blessing. Its always nice to walk into a store and be offered a glass of champagne.

wool wool and more wool Posted by Picasa

Ok back to the yarn well I only went to buy a couple of balls( I know that was unlikely) and I promise photos of purchases tomorrow have run out of daylight today.
They do stock GGH ( Ibrought some Illusion, Amelie and velour),Knit One Crochet Two (I brought some Jam,Tartelette and some Truffles which I have fallen in love with) Blue Sky Alpaca (I brought baby bobbie bear pattern and enough 100% Alpaca to knit one I couldn't resist) Fair Trade Frog Tree Alpaca (in gorgeous colours), Laines Du Nord (I brought some Amerino), Debbie Bliss, Noro and Colinette plus lots of interesting publications a few I hadn't seen before. The highlight of the day for me was to actually see some Pluckyfluff yarn in real life and to find that they stock their new book (I resisted temptation). I will definitely be returning and anyone who wants to take a trip up there with me let me know any excuse to return it was fantastic.

theres a downstairs too Posted by Picasa

I suddenly realised why I liked it so much was that there was good quality yarns that don't contain wool, as though who know me know I can't wear pure wool. I feel another project coming on.
Kerrie was there from Magknits with a familiar chaperon with her,

beautiful boy Posted by Picasa

isn't he cute. Plus Little Lixie she'll be sick at the site of me and quite a few other knitters I've met before it was nice to see the knitting community supporting a new shop.

The journey a lot better on the return due to the silverlink to be back up and running so although the long way round at least I had a seat and could knit.
Exhausted but happy.

Oh and to answer Mary's question, Sue Morgan was the recipient of my edgy exchange.


Mary said...

Oooh, I'd been hoping someone would post about Loop. It looks like you had a great time. I feel a trip to Islington is in order very soon!

littlelixie said...

Managed to only buy the ggh illusion - gorgeous colourways. Know what you mean about the non-wool selection. Was impressed with the place too. Want to knit lots of flower brooches now!

Jill said...

How tempting is this! I can feel Islington calling! Thanks for all the details, Nicki. Am already planning my route - south-west train to Vauxhall, Victoria line to Hghbury and Islington, walk/bus from there. Obviously not the way you went, though? I know the Silver Link way, but it goes a heck of a long way round.....

kerrie said...

I wished I'd remembered to take my camera with me, let me know when you're going again and I'll come along for a knit and gossip...

Laura said...

It looks like the kind of knitting store London has been crying out for! And the kind of store I'd like to own...

May have to pay a visit this afternoon.


dawn said...

wow! have you told Johanne that they ahve nice non wool stuff what with her wool allergy?

Do you think I'll like it?????? Damn, why did I just spend money on prescription sunglasses instead of yarn!