Monday, July 04, 2005

Picture Free

Sorry no pics today as I ran out of daylight.It has been a busy day.
I managed to add a few inches during Live 8, what a great concert my tension definitely suffered from singing whilst knitting and I also forgot how to do the buttonhole that Debbie Abrahams taught us so am not to happy with the first hole but really am not inclined to frog the 315 stiches to get back to it. At least it doesn't look like a pair of flippers any more.
Had a few mood swings yesterday they are quite spectacular at the moment at one moment I am on top of the world the next moment at the darkest depths I know it sounds like a cliche but there is no other way to describe it.
Today wasn't to bad spent most of the day with Jacqueline discussing knitting always good fun and then it was off to youth club putting my other hat on for the evening, I have to say that the kids are never any trouble but the other adults don't even get me started at least only three weeks to go until the summer holidays in which case we've agreed to a sleep over ( I thought I'd given those up) so spent the rest of the evening with Carol in Pizza Express trying to work out several alternative plans depending on weather and minibus driver availability. They all want to go rock climbing but we will see but we thought we might take them llama racing in which case I'm sure they must have some wool somewhere on the farm(added bonus).
Tomorrow I plan to finally sew in the lining in edgy and some dyeing but I have learnt never to count the chicks before the eggs have hatched.
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Look what I found bonus Poppy Picture


scarletprincess said...

I know what you mean about planning tomorrow's agenda... Sunday I was supposed to allsorts and just never got around to half the things!
Hope you're feeling better soon

littlelixie said...

Am up and down too. Off work today as freaked out on way in and went and hid in a waterstones for half an hour before scuttling back here. Consultant appointment on Thurs. Fingers crossed...

About this studio visit....seriously? Don't want to impose but would love to see an artist at work.

littlelixie said...

Forgot to say - what happened about the rabbits? What names did they end up with?!