Friday, July 01, 2005


ok I'm back kind of refreshed even after being woken up at seven this morning when a certain two kittens attacked my feet to tell me they were up.
So on Wednesday morning wasn't good for varying reasons which seemed to coincide with Yvonnes bad morning so we joined forces early in the afternoon at Harrods at the Ice cream bar, I have to say as a temporary pick me up I can highly recommend one of their sundaes admittedly mmaybe not be good for the health if you had it every week but once a year. Now Yvonne is a spoil sport as she wouldn't let me take pictures of them but they were amazing. So after picking up a few bits in the sale including some of my favourite perfume at half price we treated ourselves to a cab to Liberty.
This is where it goes down hill as you know I had planned just to buy some Jaeger Shetland in the sale well I did get two packets of the grey in the same dyelot

part 1 Posted by Picasa
but then I saw the Polar (another yarn they are discontinuing) and I love knitting in this yarn two so I ended up buying up a pack of Fizzle and a pack of Smirk I couldn't resist and they will probably go in the kits.

Part 2 Posted by Picasa
I also then picked up a few bits and pieces some Rowanspun 4ply to parctice some more Fairisle and some cork to also add to the kits although not my favourite yarn I like the subtlety of the colours.
I had a great evening with all the knitters and my intention of leaving early went out of the window and in fact left a whole hour after my normal leaving time.
So it was a little bit of a struggle to get up for an early start yesterday but its always worth it to visit Silkwood, what more can you ask for but to be surounded by wonderful wool and fluffy bunnies.
I got to visit the baby bunnies who are growing fast
Amber and baby Posted by Picasa
see more pictures on their blog tomorrow and then we spent a wonderful day starting on the new colour cards
colur cards Posted by PicasaI think we have narrowed it down to 48 reproducible colours plus unique yarns, unfortunately whilst doing this I fell in love with one of the new color ways.

Capricorn Posted by Picasa


Tracy said...

Fantastic stash there! Just how big were these sundaes seeing as Yvonne didn't want them photographed?

littlelixie said...

That colourway is gorgeous. What you going to make?

scarletprincess said...

Wow that yarn is gorgeous! If I had any money left after my extravagant spending I too would be buying up loads of polar!
And how sweet are those bunnies?!!

Yvonne said...

Just to set the record straight - photography is banned in Harrods and I didn't want to get thrown out before I'd eaten it!! We both resisted the chocolate and had healthy fruit sundaes.

At least I didn't encourage you to buy more yarn!!

dawn said...

hmmm I'm particularly taken with Capricorn, 'cos I am one!
I'm sure we can fill up with the yarns we missed in the next month!
Isn't that baby bunny cute! His/her yarn looks extremely soft and extra fine. wonder if there's a market for baby angora yarn?