Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everybody Ok ?

What a way to wake up to this chaos I thought this kind of situation had finished after s.
pending most of my life worrying about IRA bombs and being evacuated more times than I wish to think about from buildings and my life being changed by the explosions at Hammersmith Bridge and Sheperds Bush. I hope that all of you who work in London are ok if you get a chance to drop me a comment to let me know you're ok I'd be grateful (you know I worry).
It seems a bit trivial to talk about knitting after that, but if I didn't it would mean whoever has coordinated this attack would achieve what they set out to do.
So firstly this will give you a laugh whilst hunting through my stash to take photos (inspired by Little Lixie) I came across my first attempts at socks also it clearly demonstartes how bad I had sss (second sock syndrome) so Wooly Warbler should not worry you can be cured
Ok This was my first ever sock yes I know I didn't start with something easy and yes this was before I found proper wool and yes there is no way it would fit anyone.

First Sock Posted by Picasa
This was a second one in some ghastly acrylic colours, if I remember rightly I did this while doing Jury service (well the first week)

second sock Posted by Picasa
This is what I did in the second week, I feel I may have missed a repeat in the foot as it looks incredibly short to me.

lace sock Posted by Picasa
I didn't do a lot of knitting yesterday as it didn't go a whole lot better than the day before, My brother got taken into hospital in the morning after being diagnosed with Diabetes and having such a high sugar level that he has already been given Insulin, he suffers from Addisons disease and has to take steroids for life and apparently this is what has caused the Diabetes not that anyone has mentioned this could be a possibility in the past. So I found a way of shopping without spending money I remembered that my phone was due for a free upgrade and look what I got,

New Phone Posted by Picasa

yes its pink, I can't work most of it but at least it has to stop turning itself off like my old one.
Then I ended up meeting Yvonne up in Borders in Charing Cross Road in theory for starbucks double choclate cheesecake we were out of luck though as they didn't have any but did manage to pick up the latest Knit and Style and although it has the normal awful patterns there were a couple of interesting ones plus an interesting article about enterlac.
Well at the moment it doesn't look like I'll be heading for Liberty tonight but as I say I hope everyone is ok


Jan said...

Hi Nic, I'm fine, long and horrible journey home but ok. Was working at Kings Cross office today too.... Luv Jan xxx

Jill said...

Hi, Nicky, I know Jacinta, Polly, Sharon, Yvonne, Dawn, Mary are all OK too, as are my family and friends. I remember the Blitz and ww2 (as a child...) as well as the IRA, don't let them change your life, or they have won....

dawn said...

Yes, I'm ok Nic. Well said Jill! Usually Blair irritates me like hell, but I thought his speech was impressive, and the visual effect of the rest of the g8 team standing behind him was stunning. We managed to get home ok, took about an extra 15 mins or so. no tubes though, stuck to the bus (single decker!) and overhead train.