Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tired and Emotional

Ok so Legoland wasn't as bad a expected (fruther details tomorrow) but today was awful and I tried really hard not to let it get to me and have failed miserably, I just managed to store it all up until I got home, so the kids are fine, I would never do anything that would upset them but I think that this weekend has finally verified what I've been thinking for a while and means that I think I might finally complete my retirement from youth work. No details tonight as I don't want to write something based upon the one hours sleep I managed and I do mean one hour, I am going to sleep on it and see what happens.
No time for knitting this weekend but managed to buy some pink and purple lego I was very excited (small things they say).
Oh yes setting the twist, basically it means that after you have spun your yarn, and plyed it or not then the way that Pluckyfluff sugests you do it is by placing your hank in some very hot water and let it soak for a minute and then they suggest putting it in the spin cycle of your washing machine, personally I treat it a little like I've done a full immersion blocking where I roll it up in a towel to squeeze out most of the water. Then you place the hank in tension, in the studio I use two chair legs and leave it till its dry so especially if its a single it no longer curls back on itself. Now this is all from a non professional spinner and its only what I found worked for me so don't take this as gospel.
More tomorrow

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