Thursday, July 28, 2005

Roll on the weekend

Ok having bad day, not for any large problem but just lots of little things going wrong that just made me feel like I should have stayed in bed and the worse is still to come, yes its here tomorrow starts the sleep over with our junior youth club.
I have to say that I am really not in the mood for this and am praying for rain tomorrow so I don't have to face Lego land and can restrain ourselves to the cinema and bowling but if the rain doesn't come and you happen to be in Lego land tomorrow and you see this very stressed looking women with a dozen under twelves round her please take pity on her and be assured I usually look and behave better than the food smeared women on the edge of a nervous breakdown that you will see before you.

Unfortunately today went so badly something had to give unfortunately it was the knitting group up at Liberty but by the time I had done everything I needed too I had run out of time.

Roll on Monday and a visit to Silkwood


Daisy said...

Good luck. Hope it goes OK today at Legoland!

littlelixie said...

sorry it didn't rain incessantly. How did you get on. The yarn you are spinning is womderful. You'll have to explain about this setting the twist thing.