Saturday, July 23, 2005

Up down and round

An odd day, I think probably down to my odd sleeping pattern at the moment but my mood was up and down all day and I mean really up and down.
Firstly when I got in the studio I found the parcel that Kerrie had said was in the post.

suprise parcel Posted by Picasa

She's lent me the pluckfluff book its fantastic, plus she tucked in some of Hip Knits wonderful Silk to play with. Thank you so much it did make me smile and I can see me spending a lot of time spinning over the next few days
I made myself not look at the book as I had to prepare for the arrival of some more book shelves which my friend is giving me as she is returning to the US, so the boys (mark and Dan) managed to deconstruct the board chopper and remove it from my studio a job I could have never managed it as it weighed a ton. They are good to me here.
So space cleared the shleves arrived

The chaos that is my studio Posted by Picasa

they are fantastic one is this beautiful handmade unit which is two and a half metres high, the removal men managed to get this giant up the stairs and in the studio, so now I have to think all about the new layout so have left it as it is tonight to think about it so be aware that if you come to the studio in the next couple of days you may get volunteered into sorting :)

handmade shelves Posted by Picasa

So I couldn't resist anymore, out came the plucky fluff book, and this is my second attempt its made up from uncarded fleece bits of mohair nubs of carded merino all plyed with the turquouise metallic machine thread.

Second experiment Posted by Picasa

Now I just have to think up Pluckfluuf style names for them
Close Up Posted by Picasa

And just to finish a cat photo.

What a face Posted by Picasa


littlelixie said...

Saw the book at Loop - love the yarns you are coming up with. Is the book worth getting?

kerrie said...

yay - so glad the book arrived and that you're enjoying it, no need to rush to send it back, just whenever you're done with it. The new shelves look amazing, I'd love to get that organised but never seem to manage it!

Emily said...

Your kitty is absolutely adorable!